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Acre of Land (My father had an)
Adam and Eve
Adieu to Old England
Adieu to Prince Edwards Isle
Admiral Benbow
Afton Water
Ages of Man, The
Aiken Drum
All Around my Hat
All Jolly Fellows that Follow the Plough
All Of A Row
All On a Misty Morning
All on Spurn Point
All the little Chickens in the Garden
All the Months of the Year
All Through the Night
All you that are unto mirth inclined [Sinners' Redemption, The]
Alnwick Football Song
American King, The
Among The New Mown Hay
An Old Man He Courted Me.
Andrew Lammie
Andulko The Goosegirl
Anti-Gallican Privateer, The
Apple Tree Wassail (1)
Apple Tree Wassail (2)
Arise! Arise!
'ark, 'ark, the Heavenly Angels Sing
As I Was A-Walking
As I was going to Banbury
Ash Grove, The
Auld Wife of Coverdill
Avenging and Bright
Away In A Manger (1)
Away In A Manger (2)
Away In A Manger (3)
Away In A Manger (4)
Away In A Manger (5-7)




Babe of Bethlehem
Babes in the Wood
Back Lane
Bagpipers' Carol, The
Bailiff's Daughter of Waterford Town
Banana Boat Song
Banks of Green Willow, The
Banks of Red Roses, The
Banks of Sacramento
Banks of the Nile [Men's Clothes I will put On]
Banks of the Sweet Primroses
Barbara Allen (1)
Barbara Allen (2)
Barbara Allen (3)
Bard of Eve
Barkshire Tragedy, The
Barley Raking, The
Barley Straw, The
Battle of Harlow, The
Beautiful City of Sligo, The
Beautiful Damsel or Undaunted Female, The
Bedfordshire May Carol
Bedlam City
Bedmaking, The
Beggar Man, The
Beggars' Chorus, The
Belfast Mountains
Bellman's Song [Moon Shines Bright, The]
Bells of Aberdovey
Benjamin Boglegun [Proud Tailor, The]
Berry Picking, The
Betsy Serving Maid, The
Bill Bones' Hornpipe
Billy Boy [My Boy Billy]
Bird in the Bush [Three Maidens A-Milking did go, The]
Birds in the Spring [Sweet Nightingale, The]
Birks O' Aberfeldie, The
Black Sir Harry
Blacksmith, The
Blaydon Races, The
Bloody Garden, The
Bloody Gardener, The
Blow Away the Morning Dew
Blow the Man Down
Blue Kerchief, The
Blue Muslin.
Bochuidear [Braes of Balquhidder]
Bodmin Town
Bold Fisherman, The
Bold General Wolfe
Bold Pedlar and Robin Hood, The
Bold Reynard
Bold Reynolds [Fox Hunt, The]
Boney's Lamentation
Bonnie Banks O' Fordie [Three Sisters, The]
Bonnie Dundee
Bonnie House o' Airlie, The
Bonnie Labouring Boy, The
Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie
Bonnie Susie Cleland
Bonny at Morn
Bonny Black Hare (2), The
Bonny Black Hare (1), The
Bonny Bunch of Roses (1)
Bonny Bunch of Roses-O! (2), The
Bonny Light Horseman
Bonny Pit Laddie, The
Bosun's Alphabet
Botany Bay
Bows of London [Twa Sisters, The]
Boys of Kilkenny, The
Braes of Balquhidder
Brian O'Lin
Brisk Young Country Lady, The
Brisk Young Lively Lad, The [Valiant Lady, The]
Brisk Young Widow, The
Bristol City
Bristol Town
Broken Token.
Brown Robyn's Confession (A) [Sir William Gower (A)]
Brown Robyn's Confession (B) [Sir William Gower (B)]
Bruton Town
Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn
Busk, Busk, Bonnie Lassie
Buy Broom Besoms
Buy Broom Buzzems [Buy Broom Besoms]
By Chance It Was
By Your Leaves




Ca' Hawkie Through the Watter
Caller Herrin'
Came You Not From Newcastle?
Can't You dance the Polka?
Candlelight Fisherman, The
Candlemas Eve
Canzone D'l Zampognari [Bagpipers' Carol, The]
Captain Bover
Captain Glen (A) [Sir William Gower (A)]
Captain Glen (B) [Sir William Gower (B)]
Captain Kid's Farewell to the Seas
Captain Morgan's March
Captain Ward
Captain Wedderburn's Courtship
Captain's Apprentice, The
Carnal and the Crane
Carrion Crow, The
Carter's Health, The
Casey Jones
Charles Stuart's Farewell [Farewell, Manchester!]
Charlie is m' Darling
Charming Phyllis
Cheerful 'Arn, The
Cherry Tree (2), The
Cherry Tree Carol (1), The
Cheshire Man, The
Cheshire Souling Song [Souling Song - Cheshire, The]
Child In The Manger
Child of God, The
Child's Carol, The
Children, Go Where I Send Thee
Chimney Sweep, The
Christ Was Born On Christmas Day
Christmas Day in the Morning
Christmas Day in the Morning (Shetland)
Christmas is Coming
Christmas Song
Cicely Sweet.
Claudy Banks
Clear the Track
Click Go The Shears [Shepherd and His Dog, The]
Coast of High Barbaree
Cockles and Mussels
Coconut Tree
Codfish Shanty, The [South Australia]
Cold Blows the Wind (Shropshire)
Cold Blows the Wind [Unquiet Grave, The]
Cold, Haily, Windy Night
Collier's Rant, The
Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies
Come all you True Good Christians
Come All You Worthy Christian Men
Come all you worthy Gentlemen
Come Away to the Skies
Come buy my fine herrings.
Come o'er the stream Charlie
Come Write Me Down
Come, Tune Your Cheerful Voice
Constant Farmer's Son, The [Merchant's Daughter, The]
Constant Johnny
Cooper Of Fife, The
Cosher Bailey
Cottage thatch'd with straw, The
Coulter's Candy
Coventry Carol
Coventry Carol [Lulle Lullay]
Crocodile, The
Croppers' Song
Cruel Mother, The
Cruel Ship's Carpenter, The
Crystal Spring, The
Cuckoo, The
Cumha Mhic-Le�²id
Cupid's Garden
Cutting Down the Pines






Dabbling in the Dew
Daddy Fox, old
Dance to your Daddy
Darby Kelly
Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron
Dashing White Sergeant, The
Davy Lowston
Dean Cadalan
Death And the Lady
Death of Admiral Benbow
Death of Queen Jane, The
Derby Ram, The
Derwentwater's Farewell
Deserter, The
Devil and the Farmer's Wife, The
Dewy Dells of Yarrow., The
Dialogue Between Jacob and Esau, A
Dicky of Taunton Dene
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel
Digger's Song
Dilly Song(2), The
Dilly Song, The
Dives and Lazarus
Do you remember that night?
Donkey Riding
Dorrington Lads? [My Dearie She sits Ower Late up]
Doun the Burn Davie
Dowie Dens of Yarrow, The
Down by Sally's Garden
Down in the Meadows
Down in Yon Forest (1)
Down in Yon Forest (2)
Dragoon and the Lady, The
Drill ye Tarriers, Drill
Drink To Me Only
Drover's Dream, The
Drowned Lover, The
Drowsy Sleeper [Arise! Arise!]
Drummer and the Cook, The
Drummer Boy of Waterloo, The
Duke of Marlborough, The
Dunster Carol [I Hear Along Our Street]
Dunster Carol [I hear along our street]
Dying Cowboy, The




Earl Brand [Dragoon and the Lady, The]
Earl of Mar's Daughter, The
East Virginia
Eileen Aroon
Elsie Marley
Enniskillen Dragoon, The
Erie Canal, The
Eriskay Love Lilt
Es wird schon gleich dunkel [Tyrolean Cradle Song]
Essex May Day Carol
Eternal Life
Excellent Gift, The
Excelsis Gloria!
Eynsham Poaching Song. The




Fair Flower of Northumberland
Fair Lady, Pity Me.
Fair Maid of Wickham [Gently Johnny my Jingalo]
Faithful Emma
Faithful Johnny
False Bride, The
False Knight on the Road, The
Famous Flower of Serving Men, The
Fare ye well, Lovely Nancy
Farewell Earthly Glory
Farewell He!
Farewell My Joy and Heart
Farewell My Own True Love
Farewell to Fiunary
Farewell to Tarwathie
Farewell, Manchester!
Farmer in Cheshire, The
Farmer's Boy, The
Farmer's Daughter, The [On the Banks of Sweet Dundee]
Farmyard, The
Fatal Snowstorm, The
Father Grumble
Father James's Song No 2
Fathom the Bowl
Feast Song
Female Highwayman [Sovay]
Female Highwayman [Sylvia]
Female Highwayman, The
Fill the Cup
Fire Down Below
First Britford Carol
First of May, The
Flash Company
Flash Company [Myrtle Tree, The]
Flat River Raftsman, The
Flight of the Earls
Flora Lily of the West (1), The
Flora Lily of the West (2), The
Flow Gently Sweet Afton
Flow'rs O' the Forest
Flower of Killarney, The
Flower of Serving Men, The
Flowers in the Valley, The
Flowers O' the Forest [Flow'rs O' the Forest]
Foggy Dew,The
Football Crazy
For I am a Maid That's deep in Love
Forsaken Maiden, The [A Maiden Sat A-Weeping]
Forty Miles
Four in a Boat
Four Maries, The
Four Pence a Day
Fox Hunt, The
Fox, The
Frenet Ha'
Frère Jacques
Friendly Beasts, The
Frog and the Mouse, The
Fum, Fum Fum!




Gabriel's Message
Gamble Gold [Bold Pedlar and Robin Hood, The]
Garden Gate, The
Garden where the Praties Grow, The
Gathering Peascods
General Wolfe [Bold General Wolfe]
Gentlemen of High Renown
Gently Johnny my Jingalo
George Collins
Georgie Jeems [Who will shoe my Foot?]
Gibson, Wilson and Johnson [Three Butchers, The]
Gipsy Countess (Part1), The
Gipsy Countess (Part2), The
Gipsy Laddy O
Gipsy, The
Girl I Left Behind Me, The
Gloucester Feast Song [Feast Song]
Go Down, Moses
Go Tell it on the Mountain
God Bless the Master
God speed the plough.
Gold Band, The
Golden Vanity [Lowlands Low, The]
Good King Enery
Good News
Good Old Leathern Bottle, The
Goodbye Fare-ye-well
Gossip Joan
Gower Wassail [A wassail, a wassail throughout all this town!]
Grampound Wassail, The
Green Broom(1)
Green Broom(2)
Green Bushes
Green Bushes (1), The
Green Bushes (2), The
Green Gravel (Derbyshire)
Green Gravel (Lancashire)
Green Grow the Leaves
Green Grow the rushes oh
Green mossy banks of the Lea.
Green Willow Tree, The
Greenland Fishery
Gresford Disaster, The
Grey Cock, The
Grey Selkie, The
Grey Silkie (2), The
Griogal Cridhe
Ground for the Floor
Guise O' Tough
Guy Fawkes, Drum March for
Gypsy Davey






Hampshire Mummers' Christmas Carol
Handsome Butcher, The
Hard Times of Old England
Hark Shepherds How the Angels Sing
Hark the Herald Angels Sing [Carlingcott]
Hark, hark, let us behold! [Russell[Lenox
Harvest Song (Wiltshire)
He Called for a Candle [Servant of Rosemary Lane, The]
He Is Born
He that will not merry, merry be
Heavenly Child, The
Help Me O Lord
Henry Martin
Henry, My Son
Here Come the Navvies
Here we come a-wassailing [Wassail Bough, The]
Here's Adieu to All Judges and Juries
Heron from Brecon, The
Het Patertje
Hexhamshire Lass
Hey Ho, The Morning Dew
Hieland Laddie
High Germany
Hills of Shiloh
Hind Horn
Ho ro, My Nut-Brown Maiden
Holland Handkerchief [It's of a farmer all in the town]
Holly Ho
Holly Tree, The
Hope the Hermit
Horn Fair
Hostess's Daughter, The
House Carpenter
How my Soul is now delighted
Hugh of Lincoln [Little Sir Hugh]
Hughie the Graeme
Hunting Priest, The
Hunton Sword Dance [King's Song]
Huron Indian Carol, The
Husbandman, The
Hush, My Babe






I am the True Vine
I have four sisters
I Hear Along Our Street
I hear along our street
I Live not Where I Love
I Love My Love
I Must Live All Alone
I saw a maiden
I Sowed Some Seeds [Hostess's Daughter, The]
I will give my Love an Apple
I will give you the keys of Heaven (Cheshire)
I wish I were Single Again
I wish I wish [My True Love once He courted Me (2)]
I wish I wish [My True Love once He courted Me (3)]
I wish I wish [My True Love once He courted Me (4)]
I wish I wish [My True Love once He courted Me]
I Wonder as I Wander
I'll Build Myself A Gallant Ship
I'll Mount the Air on Swallow's Wings
I'll Tell You of a Fellow
I'm a Man that's done wrong to my Parents
I'm A' Doon For Lack of Johnnie
I'se the B'y That Builds the Boat
I've Set My Face For Zion's Kingdom
In a British Man O' War
In Bethlehem City
In Good King Arthur's Time [King Arthur's Servants]
In My Father's Garden
In Nightly Stillness
Iron Horse, The
Island in the Sun
Isle of Dreams
It's of a farmer all in the town






Jack Gardners Crew
Jack Hall
Jam at Gerrys Rock
Jamaica Farewell
Jan's Courtship.
Jennie Jenkins
Jenny Go Gentle.
Jesus, Jesus, Rest your Head
Jim Along Josie
Jock o' Hazeldean
Jock O' the Side
John Anderson, my jo
John Appleby
John Barleycorn
John Blunt
John Kanaka
John of Hazelgreen
John Peel.
Johnnie Sangster
Johnny Gallagher
Johnny Todd
Jolly Beggar, The
Jolly Carter, The
Jolly Goss-Hawk, The
Jolly Miller [Miller of Dee, The]
Jolly Plough Boy, The
Jolly Ploughboy, The
Jolly Waggoner
Joseph and the Angel
Jovial Young Sailor
Joy of Springtime
Joys of Mary (Hoddesdon)
Joys of Mary [Nine Joys of Mary]
Juda's Land
Just as the Tide was Flow






Keach i'the Creel
Keel Row, The
Keeper, The
Kelvin Grove
Keys of Canterbury
King and the Tinker, The
King Arthur's Servants
King Herod and the Cock
King Pharim
King's Song
Kingston Volunteers, The
Kitty of Coleraine
Knife in the Window, The
Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter, The






La Pique
Labourer, The
Lady Franklin's Lament [Lord Franklin]
Lady Maisry
Lake of Colephin
Lancashire Cross Morris
Lancashire Peace Egging Song (1)
Lancashire Peace Egging Song (2)
Lancashire Processional Long Morris
Land of the Silver Birch
Lankin [Lambkin]
Lark in the Morn, The
Lass of Roch Royal [Lord Gregory]
Last Valentine's Day
Lavender Cries
Lay the Bent to the Bonny Broom
Lazarki Wedding Song
Leave her Johnny
Leaves of Life [Seven Virgins, The]
Leaving of Liverpool, The
Leezie Lindsay
Lemminy [Lemonday]
Leprehaun, The
Let Me in this Ae Night
Let the Bullgine Run [Clear the Track]
Li'l Liza Jane
Liberty for the Sailors
Lily-White Boys, The
Limejuice Ship,The
Lincolnshire Poacher, The
Linden Lea
Linstead Market
Little Cradle Rocks Tonight in Glory [Child of God, The]
Little Lowland Maid, The
Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard
Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard [Matthy Groves]
Little Red Bird
Little Red Wagon, The
Little Sir Hugh
Little Young Lambs, The
Liverpool Judies
Llangollen Market
Llantwit Major
Locks and Bolts
Lofty Tall Ship [Henry Martin]
Logie O' Buchan
Lone Pilgrim
Lonely and far away
Long A-Growing [Trees They Do Grow High,The]
Lonkin [Lambkin]
Lord Bateman
Lord Franklin
Lord Gregory
Lord Henry and Lady Margaret
Lord Lovel
Lord Lovell (I)
Lord Lovell (II)
Lord Marlborough [Duke of Marlborough, The]
Lord Melborne [Duke of Marlborough, The]
Lord Ronald My Son
Lord Thomas and Fair Eleanor
Lost Lady Found, The
Lovely Joan
Lovely on the Water
Lovers' Tasks, The
Low Down in the Broom
Low, Low Lands of Holland, The
Lowlands Low, The
Lowlands of Holland [Low, Low Lands of Holland, The]
Loyal Lover, The
Lulajze Jezuniu
Lullaby [Hush, My Babe]
Lulle Lullay
Lyke-Wake Dirge






Maa Bonny Lad
Maggie Lauder
Maid of Australia
Maid of the Mill, The
Maid of Tottenham, The
Maid that's Deep in Love [For I am a Maid That's deep in Love]
Mallow Fling
Mallow Fling, The
Mango Walk
Maranoa Lullaby
Maria Marten
Marlborough's Gone to War, Sir
MarrowBones [Old Woman in Our Town. There was an]
Mary Ann
Mary Ann
Mary Had A Baby
Mary Hamilton
Matthy Groves
Maw Canny Hinny
May Day Carol
McPherson's Farewell [McPherson's Rant]
McPherson's Rant
Meadowlands, The
Men of Harlech
Men's Clothes I will put On
Merchant's Daughter, The
Mermaid, The
Merry Haymakers, The
Michael Finnigin
Midst of Night
Midsummer Carol.
Migildi magildi
Mill o' Tifty's Annie [Andrew Lammie]
Miller And His Sons, The
Miller of Dee, The
Miller's Flowers, The
Miller's Three Sons, The [Miller And His Sons, The]
Mingulay Boat Song, The
Minstrel Boy, The
Miracle Flower, The
Mirie It Is
Mister Stormalong
Mistletoe Bough, The
Mistress's Health (1), The
Mistress's Health (2), The
Mocking Bird, The
Molly Bawn
Molly Malone [Cockles and Mussels]
Months of the Year, The
Moon Shines Bright, The
Morning Break, The
Morning is Come
Morrismen, The
Mount Zion
Mountain Duel
Mowing the Barley
Mummers' Carol
Must I then?
My Bonnie, Bonnie Boy
My Bonny Cuckoo
My Boy Billy
My Dearie She sits Ower Late up
My Grandfather's Clock
My Johnny
My Johnny was a Shoemaker
My Love Lies Cold Beneath My Feet
My Love's an Arbutus
My mother did so before me
My Own Pretty Boy
My True Love once He courted Me
My True Love once He courted Me (2)
My True Love once He courted Me (3)
My True Love once He courted Me (4)
Mylecharane (Isle of Man)
Myrtle Tree, The






Nae Bonnie Laddie tae Tak' Me Awa'
Nature Carol, The
Nelson's Death
Never Marry an Old Man
New Year Song
New York Gals [Can't You dance the Polka?]
New-Fashioned Farmer, The
Newcastle Fair
Newcastle [Came You Not From Newcastle?]
Night Visit Song
Nine Joys of Mary
No Sir No [O No John]
Noble Foxhunting, The
Nos Galan [Winter]
Nottinghamshire Poacher, The
Now Robin, lend to me thy bow
Nowell and Nowell
Nowell Nowell: The Boares Head
Nutting Girl, The [A-Nutting we will Go]
Ny Kirree Fo-Snaightey (Isle of Man)






O Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie
O Can Ye Sew Cushions
O Christmas Tree [Pine Tree, The]
O give me a Cot
O Good Ale Thou art my Darling
O Ho the Pretty Chain
O No John
O ru, ru, ru
O Sally My Dear
O Waly, Waly
Oak and the Ash,The
Oats and Beans and Barley Grows
Oh 'twas in the Broad Atlantic
Oh, I love a Maiden Fair
Old Adam [When Adam was first created]
Old Farmer Buck
Old Man of the Woods, The
Old Oak Tree, The
Old Threshing Song [Threshing Song]
Old Turf Fire, The
Old Wichet
Old Woman and her Pig, The
Old Woman in Our Town. There was an
Old Zip Coon
Oliver Cromwell
On Board of a Man-of-War
On Christmas Day
On Christmas Night
On the Banks of Sweet Dundee
On this day
Once a Farmer and His Wife
Once I Loved a Lass, O
Once I Loved A Maiden Fair
One Man Went To Mow
One more Ribber
Orientis Partibus
Orphan Girl, The
Ould John Braddlum
Our Captain cried All Hands
Our Ship She Lies in Harbour
Out In The Meadow
Outlandish Knight, The
Owl, The
Oxen Ploughing, The






Paddy on the Railway
Painful Plough, The
Palace Grand [Sad Song, The]
Parson Hogg
Patrick on the Railroad [Paddy on the Railway]
Paul Jones
Pay Me My Money Down
Peace Egging [Lancashire Peace Egging Song (1)]
Peace O'er the World
Peggy Bawn [Peggy Bond]
Peggy Bond
Penny Wager, The
Personet Hodie [Child's Carol, The]
Pine Tree, The
Piper o' Dundee, The
Pizen Sarpint, The
Plains of Mexico [Santiana]
Plains of Waterloo, The
Ploughboy's Glory
Poacher's Song
Poaching Song.
Polly Oliver
Poor Jenny
Poor Mary [Poor Jenny]
Poor Murdered Woman
Poor Old Horse
Poor Old Horse (2)
Poor Paddy Works on the Railway
Praties They Grow Small,The
Pretty Nancy [Nancy of Yarmouth
Pretty Saro
Prickly Bush, The
Proud Tailor, The






Quaker's Wife, The
Quando nascette Ninno [Bagpipers' Carol, The]
Queen Mary
Queen of Hearts, The
Queen of the May, The
Queen's Maries [Mary Hamilton]
Quinoro's Pearl






Rambling Boys of Pleasure. [Down by Sally's Garden]
Rambling Sailor, The
Rambling Soldier, The
Randy Dandy O!
Rankin [Lambkin]
Ratcliffe Highway (1)
Ratcliffe Highway (2)
Reaphook and the Sickle [Good Old Leathern Bottle, The]
Reaphook and the Sickle, The
Red Green and The Yellow, The [Flowers in the Valley, The]
Red River Valley, The
Rejoice and Be Merry
Renaud le Tueur de Femmes
Reuben Ranzo [Ranzo]
Reynard The Fox
Reynard The Fox [Bold Reynard]
Rich Nobleman and his Daughter, The
Rich Old Lady, The [Old Woman in Our Town. There was an]
Riddles Wisely Expounded [Lay the Bent to the Bonny Broom]
Riding Down to Portsmouth
Righteous Joseph [Sussex Mummers' Carol]
Rio Grande
Rise up Shepherd
Rise up, Shepherd, an' Foller
Road to the Isles, The
Robbie Tamson's Smiddie
Robin Hood
Robin Hood and the Pedlar [Bold Pedlar and Robin Hood, The]
Rock-a-bye Baby
Roll, Alabama, Roll!
Rolling Deep, The
Rolling in the Dew [Dabbling in the Dew]
Rosebuds in June
Rosemary Lane
Rosemary Lane [Servant of Rosemary Lane, The]
Rosetta and her Gay Ploughboy
Rout it is come for the Blues, The
Roving Jack
Roving Journeyman [Roving Jack]
Roy's wife of Aldivalloch
Royal Proclamation
Run, Boys, Run






Sad Recruit, The
Sad Song, The
Saeter Girl's Sunday, The
Sailor's Alphabet [Bosun's Alphabet]
Sailor's Life, A
Sally Brown
Sally Gray
Salt Seas [Henry Martin]
Samuel Hooser's Hymn
Scarborough Fair
Scarborough Fair (Singing Together version)
Scraping Up Sand In The Bottom Of The Sea
Sea, The
Searching for Lambs
Seasons of the Year, The
Second Britford Carol
See Amid the Winter's Snow
Seeds of Love, The
Servant of Rosemary Lane, The
Servingman and the Husbandman, The
Seven Virgins, The
Seventeen Come Sunday
Shaker March No 20
Shaker Solemn Song 12
Shaker Solemn Song 2(A)
Shaker Turning Shuffle Tune No. 5
She's like the Swallow
Sheep-shearing Song
Sheepcrook and Black Dog
Shepherd and His Dog, The
Shepherds Arise
Shepherds Arouse [Shepherds Arise]
Shepherds in Judea
Shepherds' Song, The
Ship in Distress, The
Shoemakker, The
Shuttle Rins, The
Silly Old Man, The
Silver Wheat, The
Simple Gifts
Simple Ploughboy, The
Sing Aloud on the Day [Child's Carol, The]
Single Girl
Single Sailor
Sinners' Redemption, The
Sir James the Rose
Sir James the Ross [Sir James the Rose]
Sir Lionel
Sir William Gower (A)
Sir William Gower (B)
Some Folks Do
Some Rival has Stolen my True Love away
Song of a Country Girl
Songs of Shepherds
Souling Song - Cheshire, The
Sour Grapes
South Australia
South Scarle Lady's Plough Play Song
Spanish Ladies
Spencer the Rover
Spider, The
Spiritual Relation
Spotted Cow, The
Sprig of Thyme,The
St Athan
Star of Belle Isle, The
Star of County Down, The
Stately Southerner, The
Still, Still, Still
Stranger in Cork, A
Streets of Laredo
Strike the Bell!
Suffolk Miracle [It's of a farmer all in the town]
Sugar Candy [Coulter's Candy]
Susan's Adventures in a Man of War [On Board of a Man-of-War]
Sussex Carol [On Christmas Night]
Sussex Mummers' Carol
Swan Swims So Bonny
Swansea Town
Sweet Chiming Bells
Sweet Kitty
Sweet Lemeney [Lemonday]
Sweet Mary
Sweet Nightingale, The
Sweet Nightingale, The
Sweet Primeroses, The
Sweet William
Sword Dance (Yorkshire, West Riding) [You Noble Spectators






Tailor and the Carrion Crow
Tam Lin
Taney County
Tarpaulin Jacket, The
Tattie Jock
Ten Joys of Mary
There was a Pig went out to Dig
There's nae luck aboot the hoose
This Old Man
Thou Bonnie Wood O' Craigielea
Thousands or More
Three Butchers, The
Three Dukes, The
Three Harks
Three Jolly Huntsmen
Three little Babes
Three Maidens A-Milking did go, The
Three Pirates, The
Three Ravens, The
Three Score and Ten
Three Sisters, The
Thresher and the Squire, The
Threshing Song
Through Moorfields
Through the Grove
Tinker's Wedding, The
Tipteerers' Carol [Mummers' Carol]
To All the Good Children, A Happy New Year
To The Moon
Tobacco is An Indian Weed
Tom Bowling
Tom's Gone to Hilo
Tommy make way for your Uncle.
Top of the Morning, The
Tramping Song
Travel the Country Round
Tree in the Wood, The
Trees are All Bare, The [Christmas Song]
Trees They Do Grow High,The
Trees They're all Bare, The
Trimdon Grange Explosion
Tripping up the Green Grass
Turpin Hero
Twa Magicians [Two Magicians, The]
Twa Sisters, The
Twelve Apostles, The
Twelve Days of Christmas, The
Twenty, Eighteen
Twll Bach y Clo [Shepherd and His Dog, The]
Two Affectionate Lovers, The [Young Servant Man, The]
Two Brothers, The
Two Magicians, The
Tyrolean Cradle Song






Unfortunate Tailor, The
Unquiet Grave, The
Up the Raw
Up! Good Christen Folk






Valiant Lady, The
Van Dieman's Land.
Venus and Adonis
Vicar of Bray, The
Villikins and his Dinah
Vylecharane [Mylecharane (Isle of Man)]






Waltzing Matilda
Wark o' the Weavers, The
Wassail Bough, The
Watching The White Wheat [Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn]
Water of Tyne, The
Watercress Girl, The
Watts' Cradle Song (Poston Tunes)
Watts's Cradle Song
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
We've been a while a-wandering
Wealthy Young Farmer, The
Westering Home
What You Gonna Call Yo' Pretty Little Baby?
What's the Life of a Man?
When Adam was first created
When Jesus Wept
When Jones's Ale was New
Whence Is That Goodly Fragrance Flowing
While Shepherds Watched [Liverpool]
While Shepherds Watched [Sweet Chiming Bells]
Whilst The Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping
White Cockade, The [Sad Recruit, The]
White Hare, The
Who will shoe my Foot?
Who will you give me to sail away?
Who'll Be King But Charlie
Who's the fool now
Widdecombe Fair
Wife of Usher's Well [Three little Babes]
Wild Moor, The
Wild White Rose, The
Wild, Wild Berry, The
Will Ye No Come Back Again
Will you go lassie
William Cook [Willie Brook]
William Taylor
Willie Brook
Willie Doo
Willie Drowned in Ero.
Windy Old Weather
Within a garden.
Wonderful Crocodile, The [Crocodile, The]
Woodsmans Alphabet, The
World I have Forsaken, The
Wraggle Taggle Gipsies-O!, The
Wreck of the Sloop John B., The






Y Gelynnen [Holly Tree, The]
Yankee Doodle
Yarmouth is a Pretty Town
Ye Banks And Braes
Ye Mariners All
Ye People All, In God Rejoice
Ye're sair dung, Annie, or, Bervie's Braes
Yellow Bird
Yellow Handkerchief, The [Flash Company]
Yellow Rose of Texas, The
Yellow Sheepskin, The
Young Banker
Young Bucks a-Hunting Go
Young Collins
Young Herchard
Young Hunting [Lord Henry and Lady Margaret]
Young Richard [Young Herchard]
Young Servant Man, The
Young William
Your Elegant Motor Car.






Zither Carol